Renovating a School Bathroom

When renovating the bathroom of a school, there’s a lot to focus on. In particular, safety and student health are paramount, standing alongside functionality and size. There are some regulations and requirements to meet, too.


Here’s a quick rundown of areas that require a lot of focus when your school is going through bathroom renovations Perth WA.


Plumbing fixtures should be checked.


You should have sinks and toilets wall-mounted if possible because that makes things easier to clean. Ceramics are fine, but for an area, you expect to see substantial use, stainless steel sinks are what you want. You can also go with the use of


One thing you might want to try is to use the hands-free equipment. The less the students need to use their hands, the more hygienic things are. Stuff like hands-free faucets is good, along with pressure-assisted toilets. Sensor-operated hand drying rounds things out.


When it comes to stall partitions, you want ones that can take punishment. You’ll need them easy to clean, won’t rust, can take punishment, and are hard to vandalise. Use solid colour reinforced composite, with a special coating to make the removal of graffiti easier.


Look at your walls. You want them to repel water and easy to clean because they’re going to get wet a lot over the course of a day.


A nonabsorbent wall finish is usually a good idea, especially near urinals and sinks. For long-term use, ceramic wall tile will still do better than a wall with a  finish, however. Porcelain is the ideal choice.


A bathroom floor needs are smooth but have traction, along with being easy to clean. Vinyl is an excellent choice of material for the tiles, as they resist cracking and tearing. Bacteria also can’t grow in the seams. Unlike most other tile choices.


For ceilings, don’t fall into the trap of using porous tiles. Go with the same easy to clean and water-resistant surface that you used for the floor. You can also use that is also sound-absorbent, improving the privacy of the room.


Bathroom doors should swing outward and be big enough to account for one person coming in as another is coming out.


Now, if you’re wondering why I know this, it’s because we had to figure it out. We needed to renovate an old bathroom, and picked these up as we went along. The advice from the renovation crew’s design team was what got us thinking.

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