What the Bible teaches about Jesus


The Bible, as we all know, is a sacred book which collectively consists of many books in it. There are 66 books in the Bible in total; 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books.

The Bible is believed to be one book that talks about Jesus a whole lot. In fact, the name Jesus was mentioned 983 times according to The King James’ Version of The Bible, which makes it one of the most mentioned words in the Bible.

Truth is, The Holy Bible consists of many stories & parts, especially The Old Testament which is from Genesis to Malachi. However, it is undisputable that The New Testament is a collection of events & happenings that has Jesus at their core and crux.

First, The Bible recognizes Jesus as The Son of God even though he was given birth to by a human being popularly referred to as Virgin Mary, due to the fact that Jesus was birthed of her without her having any coitus with any man. Her betrothed husband was supposedly Joseph but before they ever got to be together, she was found pregnant with a Child of the Holy Spirit (Matthew 1:18-24).

Second to this, Jesus was also referred to as The Savior of the whole world (John 1:29). This will mean that Jesus was to take away the punishment of sins, which is death – Spiritual death; a separation from the supreme being; God. In this, He had to die on behalf of the whole world so that the whole world could escape the wages of sin (Romans 6:23).

The Bible also makes it clear beyond all iota of doubts that Jesus went about healing sick people regardless of their sicknesses, casting out demons, cleansing the lepers and raising the dead, just to name a few of all He did. Scholastically put-together-studies has it that Jesus died at the age of 331/2 and rose again after three days.

Asbestos Cleared Out Of Our School

Parents who send children to schools have many concerns. Will their kid get along with others? What should they pack for lunch? Would they be able to keep up with the lessons? Perhaps the most crucial, however, is that of safety. Are my children safe?


A good school is prepared to keep its students safe, even from veiled threats. For example, one of the most insidious of health hazards in many Australian schools is asbestos.


Our staff has made an effort to learn about asbestos and the dangers it poses. At the same time, the school has hired professionals to remove any fibres or sheets from all areas of the school. In fact, you can contact the people we hired if you click here.


Asbestos poses many dangers, especially to children.


The fibres are small enough that they can be hard to see except in small clusters. The naked eye can spot individual ones, but it isn’t easy.


When someone breaths it in, the body can’t break it down. Instead, it lingers in the lungs. The damage isn’t apparent early on, as it can take years to manifest. The fibres begin to tear at the lining of the lung, causing it to produce fluid in an attempt to remove the irritant.


As time progresses, the damage develops into a cancerous tumour. Depending on the severity of exposure, it could be anywhere from five to ten years before symptoms manifest. By that point, the damage has a high rate of lethality.


Asbestos can be found in many areas.


Damaged floor tiles, old walls that have let the underlying structure become exposed, and even some pipes may have the fibres or sheets.


In most cases, as long as the material is intact, it is safe. It’s only if the fibres come loose due to damage that they can be breathed in. It may also be in the ground, as a consequence of construction methods that were typical of the time asbestos was legal to use.


Our school took great pains to secure and prevent any children from being exposed. Professional crews were called in to seal off contaminated areas, as well as inspect the rest of the grounds. A full sweep was conducted for safety reasons, and the work areas were sealed to prevent spread.


Asbestos is a grave, unseen danger. We spared no expense in making sure all of our students were safe.